Best Wife Ever

I have confessed several times concerning my way of living. I have talked about being naked at all times when at home. I have talked about wearing panties at all times when I do have to get dressed and how I don't even own any male underwear. I have talked about taking a trip totally nude with no clothing at all in the car and how I stopped to get gas for the car while on that trip. It was my wife who got me started wearing panties about four years ago. I'm such a lucky guy to have her and for her allowing me to wear panties. Yesterday, we were talking and I made the comment that I would like to know what it feels like to wear a bra. She made no comment right then and left the room. The next time I saw her, she handed me one of her bras and said for me to find out. So, I wore her bra for the rest of the day and most of the evening. This morning, we talked some more and decided that if I want to wear bras, that is okay. She and I then ordered me three bras with lots of sexy lace. I already have some panties that will match each of these bras. I am not the least bit gay. I am finding more and more with each day that I enjoy wearing women's clothing. I only wish that I could wear it more publicly. After all, women wear men's clothing all the time; boxer shorts, jeans, shoes, boots, socks, and shirts. I am the luckiest guy there is to have a wife that allows me to wear women's clothing and actually supports my fetish.

— Anthony, 61

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