Exchanging Wives

It was a holiday when we met another couple at friend's house. After dinner and while our kids slept, all of us went into the drawing room and got out the drinks. Both the ladies decided to have apple juice with whisky, and my friend and I took whiskey only. After some time, the music was on and we were in the arms of our spouses. Needless to say, my friend and I were in search of an initiative and suddenly we became wild and took the hand of each others wife in our hand. The situation made both the ladies change their ideas and they asked us to switch off the light. I was kissing his wife and he was hugging mine. In the course of time, both of us ended up naked and having sex with each others wives in front of each other. I took his wife to the other room and started to wrestle with her. I then heard the sound of some sexual aggressive fighting from my friend and my wife. We kept it up until we collapsed. In the morning, we met our spouses with cheer on our faces and a commitment to continue with this friendship for a long time.

— Saakaar, 35

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