She Doesn't Care

My wife Marie is fifty-two years old and we have been married for the past twenty-eight years. I know that Marie has had many affairs over the years; some she told me about, some I found out about and, I am sure, some I still don't know about. Marie is a tall, large woman with a very full figure and, even though she isn't beautiful, men find her attractive. She has always dressed and acted provocatively and I never let her indiscretions bother me because she is a great wife in so many other ways. However, her latest affair is really bothering me. Marie has been sleeping with our daughter's husband. Our daughter Sara and her husband Craig have been married for six years. A couple of months ago, I began to notice that Marie was paying Craig a lot of special attention when Sara wasn't around. I also noticed that we were spending more time with them and that when Craig was around, Marie was always looking her best. Two weeks ago, I walked in on them locked in a passionate kiss. They didn't notice me, but later, after Craig and Sara left, I confronted Marie about the kiss. She said, "You are lucky that's all you saw because earlier in the day when you and Sara ran to the store, Craig and I made love on the living room floor." I told her that sleeping with her daughter's husband was beyond disgusting and that it must stop. She just told me to get over it and that she didn't care what I thought. I said, "I hope Sara doesn't find out." She replied, "Sara won't find out as long as you keep your mouth shut, and it would help if you would stay away on Saturday afternoons so we don't have to sneak around."

— Bill, 54

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