The Party After The Party

Ok, this might take a while. But, here goes. I'm thirty-eight and married. About two years ago, my wife, I thought jokingly, mentioned that I needed to be around on a specific day to help with the modeling at a lingerie show she had booked in a couple of weeks. Then again, she later mentioned being available to assist with modeling. Like the week before, I thought she was joking and didn't think much of it. Well, on the day of the show I was out working in the shop and needed to use the telephone. So, I entered the house where I could easily access a phone without interfering with the party. When I had finished my phone call, I turned from my desk and there stood the hostess for the show. She asked where I had been because she was waiting for my help. She escorted me to the nearest bathroom and handed me a bag. She told me to put those on and come into the living room. When I opened the bag, I found a silky sleep shirt and pants with this thong that had nearly nothing to it. I thought, "Now why would they put that in there because no one could see it anyway?" Curiosity overtook me, and I put the thing on as best as I could. There really wasn't enough material to adequately cover my package no matter how I arranged it. Then, suddenly, the hostess knocked on the door. I quickly put on the shirt and pants. When I started to open the door, the hostess grabbed my hand and escorted me to the living room where there were about a dozen women ranging from approximately twenty-five to fifty years of age. As I entered the room, the women all applauded. There I stood in the middle of all those women in my sleepwear, when I noticed three or four women wearing something other than attire they came to the party in. I noticed our nice looking twenty-six-year-old neighbor from across the street wearing a somewhat revealing teddy. As I stood there, the hostess asked that I model the under garment. I got red and looked at her in disbelief that she would ask such a thing. Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grasp each side of the pants and pulled them to my ankles. As I turned around to try to react to the situation, there was the twenty-six-year-old neighbor only a couple of feet from me just staring at my package. She looked at my wife and said, "My goodness. Can I feel that?" To my surprise, she said to do with it whatever she wished. She reached and fondled me. When it was obvious I had gotten aroused, I quickly left the room, changed my clothes, and went back out to the shop. When the party was over, I went back into the house and my wife acted upset. I came to find out she thought that other women would convince their husbands to come and help as well. She was upset that they didn't show. The next morning, I took my wife to the airport to catch a flight to go be with her mother who was having surgery the next day. Returning from the airport, I entered my house to find the neighbor in my living room in a teddy. I came to find out that my wife had told everyone there that she was flying out the next day to be with her mother for a couple of weeks. To say the least, this very hot neighbor and I had some very good times. I also had two other women from the party stop by and see how I was doing and to see if I needed anything. What a great party.

— Arthur, 38

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