Kitchen Remodel

My wife Alyssa and I were having our kitchen remodeled. Alyssa took off work for the two days it was to take to make sure everything went as planned. Alyssa and I have been married twenty-four years and I never suspected her of cheating on me. To be honest, since she put on an extra sixty pounds, our love life has been a little stale. Early afternoon of the first day of the remodel, I had a client cancel on me so I decided to run by the house and see how it was going. I walked through the front door expecting to hear the sound of power tools, but what I thought I heard were the sounds of Alyssa and the contractor arguing. When I walked around the corner into the kitchen, what I saw completely floored me. I saw Alyssa and the contractor going at it. He was calling her sexual names, and she was just saying, "Yes, yes!" and begging for more. Time seemed to stand still when I yelled out, "What the hell is going on?" I just walked upstairs, packed, and left for good.

— Ray, 48

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