Dressing Room Frolics

I was at the mall, and an incredibly hot girl about my age said she would give me twenty dollars if I tried on a Speedo. I willingly did. I came out and then got the money. Suddenly, the door closed behind me, and she stood there. She turned around and bent over so that I could see her underwear. I got horny. She laughed, took out her camera phone, took a picture, and ran off. I tried to get back into the room by crawling under the door. I was halfway in when she came back without me knowing it. She pulled down my Speedo. I turned around, and she was in another fitting room. I finally got in, dropped the Speedo, and she opened the door. I guess she worked there. She took a picture and ran but was somewhat slow. So, I got in her dressing room before she could shut the door. I then realized I was naked and went back to my fitting room. I discovered her friend came and stole my clothes leaving only a thong. I put in on. I came out and she took more pictures. I grabbed some clothes and put them on. I got her back later. I pulled up her shirt and bra, put them over her head, and then pulled down her pants. It was worth it.

— Joe, 23

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