Sneaking At The Hospital

I was talking to my boss in her office one morning after I had worked all night. She was mad at her husband for not wanting sex with her anymore. She said, "He got me into swinging and now he only wants other chicks and not me." I asked her how often they would get together with other couples and she said, "Weekly." I then asked if they encountered other races and she said, "No!" I asked if she ever had a black man before she said no again. Her door was closed and she was looking down on her desk when I asked her if she would like to try one. She sat up, turned to me, and asked what I had in mind. I stood up, exposed myself, and asked if she'd like some of it. Her eyes got big as she was amazed at my boldness to pull it out of my scrubs right there in her office. I thought she was going to say that I was fired, but instead she brushed her hair back and promptly gave me oral! I was shocked to say the least. Needless to say, that started an almost daily routine which has evolved into some hot and heavy sessions on some mornings before I go home. We have explored other areas of the hospital just for adventure sake as well. It's even more exciting because I also occasionally do the chick directly across the hallway from her office just to spite her because she tries to ration our sex sessions. If they ever found out what I was doing to them, they'd probably call my wife and she's a cop!

— Eddie, 51

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