My wife had to go on a business trip and her mother called and asked me to come to dinner. After a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine, she asked if I ever wore diapers. I told her not since I was a baby. She said that after four girls, she never had a boy and wanted one. She asked me if I would I like to wear a diaper. Where this was leading, I didn't know, but I was thinking we might have sex. She wasn't bad for being in her fifties and having four kids, so I said, "Get the diapers and I will put a pair on." But, she wanted to put them on me. We went up to her bedroom where I undressed and started to get excited. She grabbed me and started to pleasure me. She put the diaper and rubber pants on me and said to get in bed and not take them off. I was to just to let go in them. She cuddled up to me and I touched her to return the favor until she fell asleep. In the morning, I had to take care of my business and she said I had to do it in my diaper while she made breakfast. After breakfast, I lay down on the bed on a rubber blanket and she had a pan and wash cloth, powder, and lotion. She proceeded to take the diaper off and wash me. I got very excited by this. She cleaned me up and we spent the day in bed. She's as good as my wife.

— Allan, 23

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