She Wears It Well

For the past few months, I have been trying to get my wife to use her toys on me as we did when we dated. Several times, I even laid them out at night for her to see as we started our love sessions. She said she didn't seem to have the desire as she did years past. Finally, one night I came home from work and she was making dinner. It hadn't seemed out of the ordinary and I went to get a shower while she finished. She said to make it quick because she had a surprise for me. Upon showering and sitting down for a nice candle lit dinner, we ate and chatted about our day, finishing with dessert. She then led me to the living room, where she had the fireplace going and a spot on the floor arranged. As I started to get excited, she started to undress me. She said she was in control and I had to play along. Once she had me undressed, I laid and left her to her work. I suggested she strip and get busy. She grinned and started to disrobe. Upon revealing that she had been wearing a strap-on under her clothes the whole time, I was shocked. She said, "This is my surprise," and told me she had done some research and read some articles on this stuff. After a lengthy session of her having her way with me, I enjoyed it all. It was the first time she had ever made me so excited. After exhausting ourselves, she rolled over and said, "You took that very well." It was because I was patient with her, she told me. All I could say in response was, "You wear it well." I can't wait for the next go round.

— Adam, 43

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