Wife's Strict Punishment

A few weeks ago at a party, my wife accused me of flirting with all the women. She went on and on about it and informed me she would fix my flirting problem. Today, I am at work and under my suit I have on a very silky bra and matching panties. She is also wearing the same exact set. They both are a perfect fit on me and feel so good. They are a pink satin leopard print and very, very silky. I feel them every time I move and I have a new problem now. I stay excited all day long and the satin panties cover it all up. The problem is when I move, it slides across my excitement and it's like walking around getting oral all day long. Thank you for this wonderful punishment, honey! I love it! I can't wait to get in bed with you tonight with it on!

— Tom, 27

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