Strange Situation

I have always been attracted to older, larger women and so it only figures I married a younger and very fit woman. Stella and I have been married for three years and even though I enjoy her tight sexy body, I still find myself looking at older, larger women. The one in particular that drives me crazy is Stella's mom Suzanne. Suzanne is fifty-six, very tall and probably weighs two hundred and ten pounds. She has a massive chest and a tremendous rear end, and the fact that she looks like my wife is a tremendous turn-on. I catch myself staring at her and fantasizing about her. A few weeks ago when she was over, I guess she noticed how I kept looking at her. When I was walking her out to her car to leave, she came right out and asked me why I stare at her all the time. Caught off guard, I didn't know what to say. She then asked me if I found her repulsive or attractive. I just blurted out that she was the most attractive woman I could imagine and that she had the sexiest body I had ever seen. She just smiled and said we should keep that our little secret and that she was glad she wasn't repulsive. The past two times she has stopped over, I've noticed that she is dressing to show off her enormous cleavage and backside. The first time, I complimented her on how nice she looked and the next time, she was almost hanging or busting out in places. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. This time when I walked her to her car I said, "If you keep dressing like that, I may not be able to just look." She just touched my arm and said, "Now we couldn't have that," and smiled as she drove off. It is such a strange situation to be in.

— Bryan, 28

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