When I was stationed in Germany, I had a section of guys that worked for me. One of the guys would come to my house after work and my wife seemed to like him a lot. I didn't know they were getting together behind my back. When we had to leave Germany, he stayed behind. After settling in the states, he showed up one day and came to work for me again. He would come over to the house all the time and would stay when I had to go out for long periods of time. I came home one day and heard them going at it in the bedroom. I didn't disturb them and when they came out, my wife told me they had been doing each other for years, but just for the great sex. I said I thought so and they could continue as long as they liked. I eventually got to watch them and that was very hot. I watched them all the time; whenever they wanted to go at it. They both seemed to enjoy it so much. Then sadly, he had to move away, but she found herself some new guys and continued her fun. I still got to watch, but anonymously; the guy usually never knew I was watching. She got plenty and I usually got mine later!

— Thomas, 51

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