Happy Endings

When my girlfriend wanted a massage, I told her a happy ending was always part of it when a man goes to a massage parlor. I downplayed the sexual part as a normal part of a massage, and then took her to a place I knew of. By then, I had brainwashed her a bit and convinced her that the sexual touching was just normal; she pretty much expected what was about to happen to her. They had previously arranged for a man to give her the massage (at my request) and when he took the towel off her exposing herself, I think we all got a little erotic pleasure from the exhibition. She was a young woman in her twenties, pretty, and had a shapely body. He massaged her all over her back, butt and legs, and then she turned over, exposing her front. He massaged her very professionally, including her breasts, but not wanting to be too obvious, he didn't linger. He still wasn't sure of what he could get away with. When he was through with the real massage, he worked his way back up her legs. She didn't protest and just kept her eyes closed, obviously enjoying his touch and remembering what I'd told her about happy endings. I was getting pretty excited and wanted to see more. Neither she nor I stopped his progress to more sexual touching. She finally reached over to him and they had sex. I joined in and we all had a mind-blowing, white hot time. It was incredible! We met him once again, but unfortunately she wouldn't make a habit out of it after that. But those were two of the most erotic experiences I have ever had.

— Marshall, 41

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