Hoping For A Second Chance

My forty-seven year old mother-in-law isn't beautiful and doesn't have a great body, but she always dresses sexy as hell and has big curves in all the right places. The past couple of times she and my father-in law have visited me and my wife, I had the strange feeling she was flirting with me. I would also catch her in an extended glance and it seemed she tried to spend time with me alone. I confess I found the idea of being with her very exciting, but I knew I would never make the first move and I just thought it was a nice fantasy. This morning, after my wife left for work at 6am, I was downstairs on the sofa reading the paper. My in-laws are late sleepers, so I was surprised to hear someone walking down the stairs. I was even more surprised when I glanced up from my paper to see my mother-in-law walking down the steps wearing a black leather corset, garter belts, hose, and high heels! I know she is forty-seven years old and I know she is a large woman, but I can honestly say I had never seen anything so sexy in my life. I just stared stupidly and speechlessly as she walked over and stood right in front of me. She then walked into the kitchen, came back and told me, "I thought you might like something to think about for the rest of my visit," and slowly turned around and very slowly walked up the steps smiling at me the whole time.

— Don, 32

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