Gardener's Panty Fun

I work part time as a gardener. The owners have a lovely daughter of around nineteen and many times I have seen her little panties on the washing line. When I would cut the grass, I would have to keep ducking under them. One day, they brushed my face and I instantly became aroused. I am sure she saw because her eyes were on me for ages while she sat drinking her coffee on the patio. When the owners go out, I creep into her room and look through her undies drawer. Sometimes, I put a pair of her knickers on under my shorts and carry on with my work. I love to pleasure myself into them before I put them back. One day, I found her lying in the sun in a fabulous tiny bikini. I had to go into the shed where I could see her from the window and have a good play with things. I was still wearing her little pink lacy thong and that made it so complete.

— Jesse, 31

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