My Lingerie

I have been wearing panties, slips, camisoles, and nighties for over fifty years because I love the way the nylon and lace feel on my body. I have very small male parts they used to rub on the men's briefs. It was a constant source of irritation to me, so I tried on a pair of my wife's panties and the difference was incredible. I told her I needed to get my own lingerie because she wears a size six panty and I wear a size eight. I then began to build up my stock of pretty lacy things. I decided that I would try on a nightie and that was an equally great experience, so I bought several of them in pink and blue. I wear short nighties in the summer and full length in the winter so I can pull my legs up inside for the greatest comfort and warmth. I wear panty briefs with camisoles in summer and boxer length panties with full slips and nylon lacy trimmed pant liners in the winter. I discovered panties for men on the net and, because I love colorful panties, I have bought several pairs of both briefs and boxer length panties there. However, the boxer length panties currently available from anyone I have been able to find only come in black or white, so I contacted someone and she said she thought she could make me some in pink and in blue. I hope to have them in time for Christmas. The biggest problem today is that there is a double standard in apparel. Women can wear men's clothes and no one says anything about it, but if a man wears nice lingerie for comfort and feel, he must be either gay or weird. Most of us who love to wear lingerie are neither, but we would like to be able to be seen in public without causing some great stir. I have recently begun to wear my nighties outside when I get the morning paper and since the people driving by don't know me, that works for me. If someone has a problem with it, they will have to deal with it. Perhaps someday the situation will change and we who prefer to wear lingerie will be able to wear it publicly.

— Martin, 77

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