She Got The Last Laugh

Recently, my wife, Tiffany, was teaching an adult school class. She befriended a shy evening student, Kimmie. Tiffany invited Kimmie to a diner after class where Tiffany and I would meet our friend, Nick. We did this for a few weeks. Nick and Kimmie became interested in each other. However, at the diner, shy Kimmie liked to brag about the sexual escapades of her and her friends. So, the three of us decided to test her and see if she would put her money where her mouth was. Before the next meeting, we planned to lure her back to our house and entice her into sex. We even rented some adult films. The next week, we invited her and Nick back to our house for some drinks. During the drive, she sat in the back seat with Nick, and he engaged her in some mild kissing and fondling. So, she had passed the first part of the test. Inside the house, we made some drinks and decided to play a board game, Sexual Trivia Pursuit. As we all sat around the dining room table, I announced that each time someone answered a question incorrectly, they would have to remove an article of clothing. Kimmie didn't flinch. So, we proceeded. After about half an hour, Nick had stripped to his underwear. I was only wearing slacks, and Tiffany was in panties and a bra. Kimmie, wearing only slacks and a bra, incorrectly answered a question, but announced she would not remove any additional clothing. To temp Kimmie, Tiffany went into the kitchen to pour some drinks. When she returned, she pretended to drop something on the floor and crawled under the table looking for it. She made sounds under the table like she was playing with the front of Nick's shorts. With still no reaction, we then told Kimmie we planned the whole scenario to see how far she would go, and if she could really live up to her sexual bragging. Humiliated, she left. My wife went to the bathroom. Nick told me that my wife had teasingly removed his shorts under the table, but I could not tell he was naked as he was sitting down. So, we decided to now test her. Tiffany returned to the dining room to begin putting away the game. We protested and proclaimed that there had to be a winner. She lost the next question, but said she would not remove her bra. I stood up, walked behind her chair, unfastened her bra clasp, and let Nick feast his eyes on her. We went into the living room, put on one of the sex videos, and proceeded to have oral sex. Nick and I then spent the rest of the night in bed enjoying my wife. The next morning, she announced that she had really planned this whole thing with Kimmie to see how far Nick would go, and planned to report her findings to Kimmie!

— Todd, 32

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