Best Friend's Wife

My wife and I and our best couple friends where hanging out in their garage one night after we had been out drinking. There had always been a bit of sexual tension between my friend's wife and me, but neither of us had really acted on it. Anyhow, I went inside the house and upstairs to the bathroom while they were still in the garage. When I came out of the bathroom, his wife was standing right there and we instantly started to kiss and touch each other. She told me how bad she wanted to have sex with me! I told her that I wanted that also, so she lay down on the couch. We fooled around a bit and I pleasured her manually. I wanted to go down on her bad, but we decided not to since they were right in the garage. Five minutes later, we got all put together and walked back in the garage like nothing happened. It was so erotic that they had no clue what had happened!

— Leon, 33

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