More Suspicious Behavior

My ongoing suspicions about my wife and her sister's husband grew after a long weekend getaway with them. Several times during the weekend, she walked from the shared bathroom, down the hallway in the condo, to our bedroom, after her shower with only a very short silky robe on. At home she always wore an ankle length terrycloth robe. The bathroom was directly across the hall from her sister's and brother in law's bedroom, so there was a view from their bedroom into the bathroom. My wife was always the first one up. I noticed as she dried her hair one morning, with the bathroom door open, the tie on the robe was loose enough that even her nipples were visible from the sagging robe as she held the hair dryer above her head. I commented about this, and she said, "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." However, I noticed the next three mornings we were there that the same scene occurred. I walked by the bathroom a little slower each time and glanced the other way into my in-law's bedroom. There lay my brother-in-law in his bed, his head turned toward the door, to peer directly at her.

— Grant, 34

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