My Student Teacher

I've always wanted a student teacher so I could sit around and not do anything during school. I finally was offered a student teacher. We met at the end of the one year and emailed each other about the upcoming year. To get to know each other better, we asked about our likes and differences. The topic of sex came up and we talked and talked about it the entire summer. When school started, we continued to talk about it. Then one day while at school, we found an empty room and she gave me oral. We continued to pleasure each other day after day until one day we just had to have each other. As she gave me oral, I told her that I wanted her. She slid off her pants and we had great sex. We continually have sex ever chance we get. Too bad her sixteen weeks will be up soon. I can't wait for my next student teacher. God, I love teaching!

— Troy, 37

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