Boring Wife

I have been married for seven years. At first, the sex was hot and often, and then it sizzled out. I have been fantasizing about my wife spanking me in various positions; over her knee, bent over the bed, and in a under arrest position. She wants nothing to do with it. My urges are going to lead to me to find a woman who will do this. I want her to spank me for being such a naughty boy. I dream of a woman who can play games and sometimes turn me into her little sissy panty-boy once in a while. I wish my wife was more like her sister. I have a pretty good idea her sister is mean, dominant, and controlling in the bedroom. I saw one of her mistress outfits one time when I was over there and I can't stop thinking about her in it. I am thinking about "accidentally" letting my panties show so her sister can find out and I can see what she says.

— Terrence, 26

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