Nude Fun

It was a very hot day with temps well over a hundred. A customer who lives in the area came in and we started talking. She invited me to come to her house to cool off in her pool. I said, "Thanks, but I have no swimsuit." She said, "Whatever, no one will be around." I easily found the house with the pool, so I stripped and dove in. I swam for about an hour; the water really felt great. There is nothing much better than swimming in the nude. I got out and needed to dry off, so I sat in a lounge chair and fell asleep. I woke up to find myself surrounded by six bikini clad women. I heard one say, "Leann finally got a guy to come and swim nude and she is not here." Well, we all had fun in and out of the water. In the end, we were all naked, but still no Leann. I ended up with a bad and embarrassing sun burn. I have been nude outside many times, but never without sun lotion.

— Jorge, 50

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