Poker Night

My wife is a trainer at a local gym, so she is in workout shorts and tank tops everyday. She is very accustomed to baring a lot of skin, and also to getting checked out by the male members at the gym too! She has also admitted that she is proud of her body and loves showing it off to any man who wants to look. Her exhibitionist proclivities have made her a very popular lady among our male friends as well. We host a lot of parties at our house, and she dresses in sexy sundresses or tight clingy skirts and tops. My friends have confessed to me that their wives are jealous of her body and the attention she receives from their husbands. So, they asked me to start hosting a poker night at our house, so they could come get an eyeful without their wives getting in the way. I told my wife about this plan, and she began planning what she would wear for the party. The night of the party arrived and my wife had scheduled a training session at the gym, so she could come home in her short workout shorts and a sports bra. We were a few hands into our poker night when she walked in the door. She walked over to our table to say hi to all the guys. She said, "You might not want to hug me since I might still be a little sweaty." Right. Every guy said it was no problem and stood up for their tight hug. A couple of them let their hands slip down her back to rest on the top of her tight butt and they got a little extra squeeze from her. After the greeting, she told us all she was going up for a shower, but would be back downstairs as soon as she could. As soon as she went up, the comments started. All the guys were turned on, and some of them admitted to being physically aroused by the feel of my wife against them. I just smiled and told them she loved their attention, so they should not be shy. After a half hour or so, my sexy wife came back downstairs wearing a miniskirt and a skin-tight halter top. She had gone shopping for this occasion! She came straight to the game table and told us she wanted real hugs now that she was clean. The guys all jumped up for their "real hug." When the first guy pulled her into him, her eyes got wide as she felt his manhood pressed against her. She said, "Wow! It looks like Mike's been thinking about me!" and stepped back. One of the other guys piped up, "We've all been thinking about you!" Then he pressed himself against her so she could hug him too. At this point, I was wondering where she was going to take this. I knew how much she enjoyed male attention and figured this would be too much for her to ignore! She looked at me and said, "Hank, I can't leave your friends like this, can I? Would you be okay if I took care of these gentlemen?" I gave the group a big smile and I said, "I'm not sure what you have in mind, but whatever it is, it's fine with me!" She took the first man over to the couch and laid him down. She stripped off her clothes as everybody watched, and then separated certain parts of him from his clothing. She took care of him while letting him run his hands on her. All the rest of the guys had their turn on the couch as well. After all the men were finished, she pulled me to the couch; we made love while they watched. When she was finished with me, she told us all to go back to our game while she got some rest on the couch. She lay back and watched us play cards. I was the big winner that night as none of the other guys could pay attention to anything other than her body as she lay there. All the guys asked us to have another party next week, and my wife is already making plans!

— Hank, 27

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