This happened several years ago, when my wife's sister and husband lived closer and would spend most holidays with us. I had suspected for a long time that my wife and her sister's husband had a little bit of a "thing" for one another since they had known each other for awhile before I ever came into the picture. They were always more than friendly and flirted with one another. I knew they chatted online occasionally. When we picked them up at the airport for the Christmas holidays, I noticed the hug and kiss between them was more prolonged than, "Hello, good to see you." My suspicions were confirmed one morning when I got up early, after my wife had gone downstairs to do laundry. I got up, quietly went downstairs, and peered around the corner into the kitchen. There sat my brother-in-law at the table, with his package visible through his boxers. He was looking at my wife who was drinking her hot tea while standing at the counter, but with her robe slightly opened and her breasts visible. I went back up a few stairs, made some noise, and then went down. He pretended to be drinking his coffee and she was turned around to the sink like she was washing dishes. I've never said anything, but in reality, I hope to catch them again. It turned me on like crazy.

— Grant, 34

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