Didn't See It Coming

I am still shaking from what just happened. Five minutes ago, the unimaginable was happening as my previously unapproachable mother-in-law Carol and I were locked in a passionate kiss; our hands were groping each other and she was begging me to take her. I had no idea what had prompted her to pick this spot to seduce me, but she was in the process of unzipping my pants when I heard my wife and father-in-law opening the front door. I never imagined that my rather large mother-in-law could move and think so fast. She pushed me down the hallway toward the master bedroom and she jumped into the hallway bathroom. I jumped behind my desk and was acting like I was working when my wife came in to. I could hear Carol telling her husband that she wasn't expecting them back so soon! I kissed my wife hello and immediately got online to confess what almost happened.

— Ben, 32

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