Work Bench Lust II

When my neighbor called to say he was done with my saw and wanted to return it, I told him to give me about a half hour. I dressed in my pink bra and panty set, breast forms, tight top, frilly summer skirt, and a pair of black heels. I went into the garage to wait for him, sitting on the bench hoping he would like what he saw when he got there. To my surprise, when the door opened it was not only him but one of the other guys from the neighborhood. Before I could say anything, he said that he told his buddy about what had happened the week before and that he wanted to have some fun too if that was okay with me. I was a little nervous, but said okay. As soon as I said that, the two of them were all over me. They were both very excited. One of them was on each side of me and I was in heaven. Later, as they got ready to leave when we were finished, they said they would like to come by next weekend. I said sure and that if they called first, I would be sure to wear something nice for them. I guess I'll have to keep that bench nice and clean if this is going to happen every week!

— Larry, 53

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