Work Bench Lust

Last week, I was in my garage putting together a new work bench. I was on my knees attaching the top to the legs when I heard a voice say, "Nice butt. Do you always wear such pretty panties?" As I turned to see who it was, I realized that my tee shirt had ridden up and my red thong was in plain sight. I turned red when I saw that it was the guy from across the street. He had a big grin and said, "Don't worry, you look great." By this time, he also saw that I was wearing a bra and forms. He helped me turn the bench upright and asked what I was going to use it for. As he sat on the edge of it, I told him that if he lay back, I would show him. He did and I gave him oral. When it was finished, I told him it was my turn now. I told him to take me and he did. As we put ourselves back together, I said, "That bench is a handy tool." He agreed as he left with the saw that he came to borrow. Maybe we will use it again when he brings the saw back.

— Larry, 53

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