Flat Tire Sex

I cross dress all the time and like to be a little slutty sometimes. I decided I would dress in my short denim skirt and a tight tank top. My underwear was a matching pink bra and thong set, and I wore my D cup breast forms, a blonde wig, and red lip gloss. I was ready, so I got in my car and set out for a ride in the country. I was driving on a back road when I heard a funny noise. I stopped, got out, and looked to find I had a flat tire! I was not happy, but decided the only thing to do was to change it and get on my way. I opened the trunk to get the jack and spare out and, as I was bending into the trunk, I heard a truck pull up. I turned to see two young guys probably in their early twenties. One of them said, "We will help you with that, lady." I stood up and said that would be great. They got the tire changed in no time and, as they were finishing up, I bent over to pick up the hub cap and to show off my thong to them again. When I handed it to the one near the car, his face was bright red! I said, "Are you okay?" He just grinned and looked at his buddy. When I looked over at him, he was obviously excited. I said, "Oh, I am sorry. Did I do that to you?" and reached over to him. He didn't say a word as I began to give him oral. This gave the other guy a perfect view of me. I kept going and before long, I felt the other guy in back of me. I got excited and wiggled a little as an invitation. He took the hint and began doing me. When he finished, I stood up and said, "I really want to thank you boys for fixing my flat tire," and gave them both a kiss on the mouth. They said it was no problem and they were glad to help me out, then they got in their truck and drove away. As I drove away, I wondered if they even knew that I was a cross dressing guy. I guess I will never know. I enjoyed my ride that day!

— Dale, 53

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