Truly Happy Endings

How are you guys doing? I'm a teenager at the age of eighteen, but don't patronize me or think I'm some random kid spewing emotions. I understand more about people, feelings, and life than most "grown-ups". For starters, yeah, I was in love with a girl who was engaged at my age. Imagine that. And imagine constantly falling in love with her every day after that for about three years, learning how mature she was and how perfect she would be for you. Feelings like that don't hurt you, they slowly kill you. Oh, she's perfect, right? I think love is the false idea of perfection. She decided she didn't want to be engaged, and I was the first one she told. Why wouldn't I take that as a sign? I moved on. But the fifth time since I heard she was engaged to someone else, I was shut down. During all this time, I became a writer. I realized that life can suck, and life rarely writes about happy endings. She wanted a different guy who wound up hurting her. And, wouldn't you know it, I was the one who she came running to. I was shot down again. I once heard that the definition of insanity was doing something again and again while expecting different results. I grew insane for her. I thought about her every chance I could get, and wound up feeling sorry for myself. To be honest, she wound up screwing with my head. Once I realized that for myself (because no one can tell you that sort of thing), I moved on and forgot about her. Now, I have another "perfect" girl who thinks I'm "perfect", too. So, yeah, I'm a teenager. I'm not even a full-blown adult yet, yet I'm a better man for something that should've never happened to me. So, when people send these things, remember to think of yourself and not of someone else. Become who you want to be, not who she/he would want you to become. The girl I have now tells me never to change. I'm writing happy endings now, and smiling a lot more often. You're never ready for this. Now that you've read this, I'll tell you that I'm still a virgin. No matter how distorted life is, my friends, that virgin love has more feeling than physical love because a kiss is the world to me and my girl. Love is what? Ask yourself that throughout your life, and you'll answer it differently each time. I'm sorry I took so long here, but I hope you guys have a new look on teenagers.

— Josiah, 18

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