Hot Night; Sexy Lingerie

It's a hot October night here in So. Cal and I had too many male cloths on. So, I got undressed and put on one of my most sexy bras, a white demi push up with red flowers. Put breast pads in to fill out the size 38-C cups and sexy red boy short panties that look like a thong in the back. A pair of black thigh high fishnets and a cute pink babydoll top things off. I fell so sexy! My "breasts" are big and feel real to me. I wish they were. After I type this, I'm going to check out Asian porn on the internet, get excited, and maybe play around with myself. I'd love to give a male friend oral while dressed like I am. I'd also love to take a photo dressed like this, print it out, and send it to my Asian ex-wife who divorced me when she found me with a pair of her panties on before we had sex. I thought it would make our sex better when I was excited by the feel of her panties. But, it only got me in trouble. Oh well!

— Roy, 67

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