Girlfriend's Dad

I had been dating Wendy for some weeks, and when I'd call to take her out on a date, I always had the strangest feeling that her dad was looking me over. I've got to admit that I did find him attractive; about six feet tall, massive arms and shoulders, and a handsome face. One evening, I went to pick up Wendy for our date only to be told by her dad that she had been called away on a family emergency. He invited me in and we began to talk. Before I knew it, I was sitting next to him on the sofa passionately necking. Before long, we were both naked and he was giving me oral; it felt great. He began to kiss me, which got me turned on again. I then performed oral on him. We spent the weekend together, experiencing almost every kind of sex. I had to leave Sunday night, but he told me to call him anytime. Needless to say, I did, and several times.

— Brody, 19

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