Little Sister's Problem

I met my wife while I was a sophomore in college. She had a little sister that was a high school senior at the time. Shortly after the sister turned nineteen, she started asking questions about sex. She did not want to lose her virginity to just anyone in school. "The boys all talk to each other," was her worry. Since I was not yet married, but engaged, she felt safe with me. We made an early date for Friday. I came over about three-thirty, skipping a couple of classes. I had a date with her big sister later that night. That gave little sister and me a couple of hours alone before her parents started getting home from work. I promised her I would be gentle and tried my best to be. We sat together on the couch and talked for awhile. I put my arm around her shoulders and gentle stroked her face, working on a kiss. I did not know how pure this young girl was until she saw the bulge in my jeans and asked what it was. I had to tell her I was a healthy male, and she touched me there. That opened the flood gates for both of us and we were able to cure her problem of being a virgin. We were able to be together several times before my marriage. Once I said my vows, I have been one hundred percent true to my wife. However, when I see the little sister (who is a married mother of two children now) I still wish I could do her again.

— Nathan, 34

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