High Heeled Encounter

A while ago, I submitted a confession on how much I like to wear women's high heels. A close buddy of mine asked if he could try on a pair of mine and since we wore the same size shoe, I took him back to my place and let him. We went into the bedroom and he kicked off his loafers. I noticed he was wearing dark nylons and I wondered what else he might have on. He picked out a pair of high heels and slipped them on. Right away, he became excited. He walked around looking at himself in the mirror and becoming even more excited. He knelt in front of me and proceeded to give me oral. We were both so completely turned on! I helped him to his feet and we kissed, then I gave him oral. Now my buddy is a dedicated wearer of women's shoes. We both wonder how many more guys will try this.

— Christopher, 27

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