Caught With Pants Down

I was twenty and away at college. My mother gave me some money to get clothes when school started in January. I was at the local shopping mall to get some jeans. I got a pair that I thought may fit, but I didn't know. So, I had to try them on. I told the lady at the counter I needed to try them on. She went and opened the door. I went in thinking she was an attractive lady. She was not bad, in her forties, and had a pretty face with auburn hair. She had on a green dress. It came down just below her knees. She had on nude hose and low pumps. I went in and took off my shoes. I took off my pants and then went to try on the ones from the store. I put them on and they didn't fit. Just as I went to take them off, I heard a loud clacking of high heels. Then I heard the door right down the row open and then close. I changed back into my other pants and went to get a new pair. I stepped out and looked at that door. The dressing rooms had doors that had a high gap at the bottom. I looked under it and could see a pair of very sexy red high heels. In them had a pair of black stockings and sexy legs up until about mid-calf level. Then I saw a black skirt slide down her legs slowly to the floor. She stepped out of it and then the legs disappeared. I went and got the jeans quickly in hopes of getting another sighting. I didn't see anything when I got back. I left the door open so I wouldn't have to find a key again. I went in and took off my pants. I looked and noticed I got the wrong size. Then I heard a door open but didn't know if it was the same one or not. I quickly rushed out hoping to get a look at this woman and found no one in the hall. I looked back and noticed I had let the door close. Then I heard a door open, and it was the one I had hoped. I turned around and looked, and she was all I had hoped for. She was in her twenties, had long blonde hair, a beautiful face, a picturesque figure, and lovely legs. She had on a red long-sleeved sweater and the black skirt. I already told you about her sexy nylons and high heels. She even had on black leather gloves. I just looked with a smile as millions of things went through my head. She looked at me and then glanced down below my waist and smiled. I was excited. She must have liked what she saw. I said hello. She looked up with a smirk. "Nice shorts," she said with a smile. I was confused. I looked down just as it hit me. I had forgotten to put my pants back on. I was in my boxer shorts. I looked up and must have been a thousand shades of red in the face. I looked over and noticed the door had closed and I couldn't get my pants without the key. She just looked at me for a second and laughed. Then she put on her sunglasses and began to walk off. I walked up front after a second and hid behind the rack as best I could. I then looked for the woman with the key. I saw that same pretty lady talking to her and then pointing her in the other direction. She walked off in the distance far away from me. As the pretty lady walked off, she looked over at me and smiled. Then she waved bye.

— Doug, 24

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