My Dreams Came True

Six months ago, my wife told me a story about her friend at work freaking out about her husband. My wife told me that Candice said she went home early because she wasn't feeling well. She caught her husband wearing panties and bras. She freaked out and later confided in my wife about the subject. When my wife talked to me about it, she was very curious and wanted to see what it would be like. So, we went shopping. This has also been a secret of mine, but this was now her idea and I played along. We bought lots of panties and a few bras with matching nighties. My wife loves it and she has been making me wear panties 24/7; nice satin ones, solids pastels, and floral prints. I love it and so does she! She gave me a spanking the other evening and it was hot! I had an accident right there. I don't care if Candice knows because I owe it to her. Thank you Candice! Thank you! My dreams have come true; my wife controls me and makes me wear girly panties because of you. Our night life is a hundred times better now!

— Kurt, 29

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