Can't Stop Thinking About It

Two years ago, I earned my CPA and went to work at a large accounting firm. My boss, Nancy, was a large, matronly, fifty-eight year old married woman who took an instant dislike to me. She was never pleased with my work and she busted my chops every chance she could. I took it as a personal challenge and really worked hard to earn her respect. It took months, but I gradually made progress with her and occasionally even got a "good job" from her. Six months ago, Nancy asked me to work on a couple of projects that would require some out of town travel with her. We ended up spending quite a bit of time together and even with our vast age difference, I found we had a few things in common and realized I enjoyed spending time with her. The last project was a huge, stressful two week undertaking that required we work twelve to fourteen hours a day. When we finally wrapped up, Nancy suggested a celebratory dinner before flying home the next day. A nice meal and a couple bottles of wine later, I was walking her to her hotel room. I started to give her a goodnight hug when she reached out and pulled me in for a deep, hard, passionate kiss. I don't know if it was the wine, the exhaustion, or the fact that I had worked so hard for so long to please her but, I found myself kissing her back just as passionately. I finally snapped out of it long enough to say, "Nancy, we can't do this for so many reasons, including your husband and my wife." She pulled me in tight and whispered, "Marcus, I know how wrong this is, but I've wanted you for so long. Please, I am begging you to take me." She grabbed my head again and kissed me. A stronger man might have been able to resist, but within minutes we were inside her hotel room tearing each others clothes off. I admit that I was shocked by how active she was. Nancy at fifty-eight and very large was able to do things my wife, who was thirty-four years younger, couldn't do. We slept very little that night. It truly was the best I ever experienced! We returned home the next morning and work the next week. It's been a month and Nancy hasn't ever mentioned our night together. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

— Marcus, 27

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