Adult Bookstore Gig

I always loved to give oral to other men, but since I was always busy traveling for work, I never really practiced it often enough; maybe once or twice a month at most! Recently, I changed jobs and this one allows me to work from home most of the time, thus having ample time on my hands. I have a friend who owns an adult mega bookstore right on a busy highway that is frequented day and night by all type of patrons from truckers to construction workers, day laborers, office workers and men from all walks of life. Knowing my love and skill in oral, he proposed the following deal: I would have a booth all to myself, furnished with a comfortable love chair where the client may sit and watch porn as I serviced him. I of course agreed! The first day, I had five customers. By the end of the first week, after word had gotten out of the services I provided at the store, I was servicing at least thirty men a day. I can't describe the pleasure of servicing all type of men; from sweaty Mexican day laborers to African American men, Indian and Asians; from truckers and construction workers to businessmen and office workers! I was there every day for three months before I took a break. Word had also gotten out at a nearby construction site and after every shift there was a long line of men waiting outside my booth. I was averaging around fifty men a day. In these three months, I guess I must have serviced close to fifteen hundred men, and I loved every minute of it!

— Henry, 41

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