Frustration Fix

My wife is very talented in bed. She's very hot, does it all, and holds nothing back. At least, she used to. Recently, she acquired a business that has kept her very busy and I have been very frustrated. I had the chance to meet a twenty-eight year old that fell for me. I have been seeing her regularly without my wife's knowledge. I help my wife with stuff at her work and sometimes I stay much later than she. I invited my young girlfriend over to keep me company while I worked. We left to go to a local pub for a couple and came back. I was in heaven while I had sex with my young, skinny, Asian girlfriend at my wife's workplace! Now, to be honest, my wife is way better than my girlfriend, but there is no way I am staying away from this chick while my wife puts work higher on the priority list than me. It gave me such a chuckle while I talked to my wife about work crap on the very spot I had my girlfriend. Soon, I plan to do my girlfriend, and then go home and let my wife give me sex as well. I have another one in the wings; I am waiting for her to come back from a trip. She is thirty, thin, hot, and married. Perfect! I'm going to do her right on her husband's bed. I can't wait!

— Barry, 39

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