Her Choice

Years ago, I came home from work for the day at lunch time. This is something that I never did. When I let myself in, I found my college age daughter and her then boyfriend in the process of getting undressed with each other. When I walked in on them, they started grabbing clothes. I told them not to stop on my account, but rather take it to her bedroom. The gathered everything up and went down to her room. I am not the prying type, so I left them alone. I noticed they were down there several hours. This turned me on more than anything had in a long time. When my wife of thirty plus years came home, I could not leave her alone. I think we had each other three times that night. Of course, my wife wanted to know what was up, and I told her. Seems my wife knew our daughter was sexually active long before I did. My wife confessed to years of getting her birth controls pills. I never knew anything about it at all. The next morning, my daughter came to me and thanked me for my understanding. I told her it was her choice; that my little girl was all grown up. I only asked her to always practice safe sex. She gave me a hug and promised. I know she has had more boyfriends since, but she is grown woman now, and it's her choice.

— Luke, 57

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