Get What You Can

Hey, don't think I'm a womanizer. When I lived in another country, I had some time off, so I came back to see family and friends. Well, I met this girl. She was really cool, and I did nothing with her. I actually wanted to date her. I soon had to leave again for several months. Then I came back and went home to family again. I had thirty days to visit home and, once again, I did nothing to her. Well, two months after I had gone back, she flew all the way to see me. I wanted her to come down. I wanted to spend the time with her. She was in for only a week. Once she got to my place, she just threw herself on me. So, I went with the flow. One thing led to another, and it turned out I took her virginity. She was messed up the rest of the stay. She was deeply in love and wanted to marry me. Once ninety percent of women find out the man has a head on his shoulders and is well off it's all over. I picked up on the clues. She was after my money. I took her to a party and told all the single guys, "Hey, she is fair game. Get what you can." Well, the hounds were released. There were ten horny infantry guys altogether. Then she found out what I had said and slapped me. So, we came to the house and I told her, "Get your things. You are going to the airport." She was like, "I love you. I want to marry you." I said, "You've got twenty minutes." We went to the airport. I bought her a plane ticket back home and gave her $200.00 for food or whatever. I haven't heard from her yet, and I don't care. The girl played me for an airline ticket and then tried playing me for who I am and what I do.

— Roy, 22

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