I remember on many occasions my wife being hit on by one of our good friends. He would stop at the house to have his hair cut by her. The three of us would be in the kitchen having a few pops, telling jokes and laughing it up. There was one particular time that I notice her get very close to him trying to reach the top of his head. The chair he was sitting in was backed up to the table so she couldn't walk around to the back side. My wife would get extremely close to his face with her body. After several minutes with my friend's nose inches away from her, I started to get aroused as well as a little angry. My wife and my friend seemed to be enjoying themselves, especially since I was watching. I left the room for only a couple of minutes and when I returned, he had both hands on her rear pulling her even closer as she continued to cut away. As my excitement increased, my anger subsided. I thought to myself, "If I leave the room again and came back, what would he do next?" I left the room for about two or three minutes to find out. As I looked around the corner into the kitchen, my friend had both his hands up her back trying to unsnap her bra. My wife seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the moment because I noticed she had stopped cutting. I stepped back just for a moment as the excitement took over every inch of my body. I heard them both giggle, so I decided to go back into the kitchen. My wife was still very close as she continued to trim his hair. I couldn't stand it any longer. I made small talk and decided that we all needed another round of drinks. I left the room again hoping that if I peeked around the corner again, I would catch him at something else. I yelled from the other room that I would be back in a few minutes. As I did, I walked over to peek around the corner at them. My friend already had her blouse pulled up to her chin. I couldn't believe it. All I could do was watch with extreme ecstasy. Then all of a sudden their lips found each other. I took another step back and made enough noise to let them know I was coming back. As I walked back into the kitchen, I could sense they wanted to continue. She was breathing heavily and he was just staring at her. I didn't want them to stop. For the first time in my life, I watched another man with my wife. I decide to tell them I needed to run next door to get some more tonic, which I didn't need. I walked out and then began to peek around the corner like before. My wife put down her scissors and comb and placed her hand on my friend's shoulders. They started to kiss again; deep, passionate kisses. He placed his left hand on her rear, and then I watched him take his right hand and firmly place it by her privates. I was hoping that would be as far as it would go, but all of a sudden he pulled her pants down to her ankles. I was so turned on; I went into another room and relieved myself. When I cam back, they were talking like nothing had ever happened. We continued to tell jokes and laugh it up. I can't wait till my friend needs another haircut; maybe we can have a threesome.

— Gabe, 55

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