Utterly Spent

I went out one night with two guy buddies of mine and two girls. I knew one of the girls but had just met the second. We were all drinking and playing pool, and I was flirting heavily with the girl I'd just met. Toward the end of the night, she was flirting back and we were starting to get antsy. The first girl decided we should take our party back to her apartment. We guys thought that was a great idea. She grabbed the other girl and went to the bathroom while we guys paid the bill. We walked back to the restroom to wait for them to finish. They opened the door and pulled the three of us in. I decided I couldn't wait any longer. So, right in front of the group, I grabbed my flirting girl and started kissing her. She kissed back. When we broke the kiss, she turned her head and started kissing one of my buddies while the other girl started kissing my other friend. Then the first girl started kissing me until we all had kissed each of the girls. We all went up to her apartment and had barely gotten through the door when the girls started ripping each others' clothes off and started going at it on the floor. We guys just stood there watching in shock. Then we all started going at it for about four hours until we all passed out on the floor at sunrise utterly spent.

— Greg, 36

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