Wish I Had Known Earlier

My wife Suzanne and I have become close friends with our neighbors across the street, Tim and Sally. We go out together a lot and quite often continue the evening's fun in their spa. The last time we went out, we did a lot of bar hopping and were fairly toasted when we got back and went in the spa. After quite a few more drinks, we were all getting a bit frisky with lots of underwater contact going on. Out of the blue, Sally said, "Why don't we girls go topless?" Without thinking, I said, "Sure, why not, Tim and I are already topless." I never in a million years would have thought Suzanne would do something like that, but she turned to me and said, "If you're okay with it, I'm game." By this time, Sally already had her bikini top off and I looked at Suzanne and said, "Go for it, I'd love it!" It was only a split second later that Suzanne's top was on the side of the spa! She came over to me and asked, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" I said, "I want you to express yourself however you want, sexually or otherwise." She then said something I never thought I would hear her say, "I'm so glad. I've wanted to do things like this for years, but I thought you wouldn't approve." Then she went underwater, pulled my trunks down and gave me a "special" thank you. I wasn't really paying attention to much else, but I noticed Tim's trunks were now on the side of the spa and Sally was nowhere to be seen. After coming up for air, Suzanne took mine all the way off and put them on the side also. Then Sally said, "Since the guys are now bottomless, I think we should be too." The next thing I see is her bikini bottom flying out of the water and landing on a lawn chair. Suzanne's wasn't far behind. After a short silence as we let the situation sink in, Sally said, "Who's up for some more wine?" Tim and I both immediately held our hands in the air; if he was in the same state I was, we were "up" for just about anything. The next thing we knew, both wives were out of the spa and walking toward the house totally nude. They came back out with two more bottles of wine and got back in the spa, Suzanne sitting next to Tim and Sally came over by me. Tim was sitting with his arms up on the side of the spa with his hands dangling in the water. When Suzanne reached over to get a wine bottle, she brushed against the back of his hand. After she had poured herself a glass, she reached for the other three glasses, one at a time, each time brushing up against Tim's hand. After she had poured a glass for everyone, she placed the bottle back on the side of the spa and sat back. Tim started slowly caressing Suzanne with his hands. Watching all this got me very excited, and then I became aware of a hand on my thigh underwater. Soon, I was making love to Sally as Suzanne did Tim. After we were all completely satisfied, we had some more wine and agreed to do this every weekend!

— Dean, 55

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