Bikini Swap

While on holiday in Greece, I saw two lovely girls on the beach in just their little bikini bottoms and no tops. I think they were about twenty-five years of age. Later, I found that they were staying in the apartment next to mine with an adjoining terrace. In the evening, they had gone out and I saw the little bikini bottoms hanging out to dry. I took them in and had a fabulous time putting them on and rolling around on the bed. I pleasured myself in them also. The next day, I saw the girls again on the beach wearing the bikini bottoms again. I got so excited at the thought of me being in them last night that I had to leave the beach and go home for a play. It was a beach where you could be nude if you wanted and as I was nude, everyone would have seen my excitement if I had stayed. Can you believe it? When I got back to the apartment, hanging out were their undies from last night; a lovely little black lace thong and a pair of pink lace tanga style panties. You know how my afternoon went.

— Thomas, 40

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