Wanting More

Mary was a girl I dated in college and the best sex I've ever had, period. I'm married now, but nothing will ever compare to Mary in bed. I ran into her unexpectedly at a convention I was attending with my wife. While she was busy talking to others, Mary and I slipped out of the large room in the hotel where the convention was and went down the hall. She told me to wait while she went into the ladies room. A short time later, she opened the door and pulled me inside. Locking the door behind me, she pulled me over to the counter area and jumped up. I couldn't resist. We made love for about ten minutes. We both cleaned up and as we were ready to leave the bathroom, she shoved a paper into my hand with her cell phone number on it. I looked at her and she whispered, "I want so much more!" We went back to the convention and no one was the wiser, especially not my wife. Now, I don't know what to do. Sex with my wife is boring compared to Mary. I want more with her as well. But making that call could very well be the end of my marriage.

— Stan, 38

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