Flower Shop Visit

I went to our local flower shop in town to pick up an order for my mom. The store was closing, but he unlocked the door for me after I had explained what I was there for. I can't explain why, but I was feeling excited while I was waiting. The owner started flirting with me making small comments, but nothing bad. He told me the cost and as I was making out the check, he walked up behind me pushing himself up against me. I was so nervous; I did not know what do to. I just kept making out the check like nothing was really happening. I guess me not saying anything made him think it was ok. He was rubbing me all over. I was so excited by this that I did not care what happened. We made our way to a room in the back and I gave him oral. I loved it. In my mind, this is all I thought was going to happen. But, we made love as well. I ended up loving it, but he was a little to rough for me.

— Michael, 21

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