Liberal To Conservative

My wife was very liberal before we met and had slept with many of the guys she dated, even after we were going together. So I was pretty disappointed when she grew conservative over the twenty years we have been married. She also has lost some self-esteem, mostly because she has added a few pounds. She is still beautiful, but like most women, only sees her flaws. I have talked to her many times when making love about her getting a boyfriend. She says, "You are all I need," and, "Like I have so many opportunities to meet men." It is true she does not work and does not have co-workers to flirt with. She did take an interest in her delivery man once, but he was leery of fooling around with a married woman and losing his job. I finally decided to set her up and see what would happen. Without her knowledge, I contacted a married man on a swinger's site who was looking for a discrete girlfriend. He agreed to try to seduce my wife if I could set her up. I had nothing to lose. Even if he failed to seduce her, just the fact that he had hit on her should help her self-esteem. I asked her to help out at my business and he came in posing as a customer. I got busy elsewhere as he chatted with her. He gave her his email address and persuaded her to send him pictures of her pets (her biggest hobby interest). Once he received her email, he started up a series of messages, friendly, then flirty, then inviting her for coffee. After they had coffee, he invited her for lunch and began to tell her about his lack of sex at home. When I left town, he invited her for dinner at a nice hotel. He always told me exactly what they were doing, but she kind of kept to half-truths. When they had lunch, she told me they were going for coffee. When they had dinner, she told me they had lunch. The night they had dinner, he took her by the hand and took her to a room without asking or saying anything. She followed his lead. Inside the room, they had every kind of sex over a period of hours. He told me later that she is the best he ever had. She went wild with giving him everything his wife did not. After the date, she simply described their prior date to me, the lunch, not knowing he had given me all the details. She mentioned that he had asked her to have dinner with him at a hotel sometime. She asked if I was sure I did not mind. I encouraged her and the next time I left town, she spent the night with him at the hotel. His description was about all the things she did for him that his wife would not. She described their prior date to me except without detail. She understated it, but said they did have sex. Now he is asking her if she would like to try two men at once, and if she would prefer that to be with me or a friend of his. She has not answered him. That will be another story if it happens.

— Kevin, 59

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