Sexually Curious

On the trip back from Florida, my step-mom's grandson (who was the same age as me) and I were sitting in the backseat of my dad's van. My uncle was sitting next to him on the right. I was on the far left and he was in the middle. My step-mom's grandson fell asleep with a pillow on his lap; I had one on mine too. I had slipped my hands under the pillow and slowly approached his zipper, trying to avoid my uncle seeing anything. I was so nervous that he would wake up and freak out, but I didn't care. I was excited and wanted to feel something. I had unzipped his pants slowly and reached in. Luckily, that day he was commando because he had gotten his underwear wet in the morning and didn't have any other clean underwear. When this all happened, I had tried to get a little glimpse of his manhood while he got changed as his slim body got me really giddy. I love toned bodies. I moved my hand around, but then he moved his hands toward my hand and I began to get a bit more nervous. I removed my hand just as we arrived at a little place to go to the bathroom. As we got out, he zipped his pants up and said that his pants are annoying because they keep unzipping. I laughed. I bet he knew all that time I was touching him. Yea, I'm sexually curious. So what, who isn't?

— Beau, 19

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