Panties Are My Favorite

I've been a panty lover and wearer most of my life. The first time I wore them was when I found a pair on the floor when I was younger. They were pink and caught my eye. I put them on, got caught, and caught heck! I never wore any others until a few years later. I got them from the neighbor's clothes lines and in my sister-in-law's hamper. I didn't wear them too much because I was afraid of getting caught. Ever since that time, I have always been interested in panties and other lingerie; the colors and fabrics fascinate me. I especially love nylon, and pink is my favorite color. I have bought a lot of lingerie over the years including panties, slips in both half and full size, and gowns. But, my interest is panties which I enjoy wearing. I have let others catch me wearing them just for the reaction, and it has been basically positive.

— George, 73

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