Can't Reach Her

I fell in love with a girl named Lois. I never thought it would happen because I look really Asian, and she was totally white. I first met her in the tenth grade, and it breaks my heart when I think of her now. I dated her until my senior year when she moved to Hawaii. Wherever Lois was, I was. So, I bought a single ticket to Hawaii. When I got there, she wasn't there. Only her dad and her younger sister were around. I was bummed out the whole time I was there. I bought a ticket to spend time with her because I couldn't handle the seas between us. So, I returned home and never heard from her again. I moved out with some friends, and last year she called me somehow. She said she went through friends, friends, and more friends to find my number. How sweet! We made plans to meet the next day. It was funny because once we talked, we couldn't wait. So, we decided to meet that night. It was a two hour drive. The chemistry felt like the tenth grade again, even though three years had passed. She spent the night. We had fun. I love her. I love her because she accepts me for who I am. She is actually 5'10". I'm only 5'7". She always brought sandals to make me feel better. Back to the story. Anyway, about the same time this year she called me out of the blue. So, once again, we met up. She spent the night again, and we were spooning, feeling, and holding. We drank a little before we passed out, and she kept telling me, "Don't let me pull this shit again!" I wondered what she meant. She said I was to make sure that we talked so I would keep her this time. I agreed, and I really took it seriously. After one crazy night, I walked her to her car and she left. She called me and told me to hold onto some of the stuff she had left. She stopped calling, so I called her. Her phone was disconnected. I drove to her area to look for her car. I found it after two and a half hours. I dropped off her stuff, and then I saw her. She told me to never call her again. She told me to leave. She said that was moving to Texas and she didn't want to let me know that she was leaving. We haven't talked since. She's my one that got away. I miss her. I have no way to reach her.

— Troy, 20

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